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Please all book readers just have a quick look here.

There is this book series in Norway that was written by Rubben Eliassen. The name of the series was/is Phenomena. 

It was my first love when it came to book series.

I started reading it in 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade (I honestly can’t remember) and even though I have still to read the last book, it’s definitively one of my favorite series (if not THE fave)

The series consists of seven books, plus 12 other mini books about two of the minor characters.

It’s being made into a movie in Hollywood. (Which I think is kind of dumb, it’s Norwegian I just wished it could be made in Norway. But I guess it would be better when made in Hollywood)

Anyway that’s not what this post is about, ‘cause even though I haven’t read the 7th book yet (I will go to the library this weekend to get it) I have understood that something happens to Ilke the main female character, and that her brother Alk thinks she is dead, but she’s not. And the author have said he won’t continue the series.

But a while ago he said that if this FB:

gets 3000 likes, he will continue writing something for the series so that we know what happens to Ilke. 

I think he already have written something, at least there are some pictures on the FB site that says Phenomena 8 and Phenomena 9 in Word documents.

I really want this series to get a “nicer” ending, and if it takes a follow I will follow if you like the page!

So please, please this ending is for us fans as the Harry Potter fans would have it if the book ended in the middle of the duel between Harry and Voldemort or straight after and you didn’t get to know what happened after.

Or if J.R.R Tolkien stopped the Lord of the Rings after Sam and Frodo threw the ring into the flames, and you didn’t know who lived or died.

So I’m begging please, please like the page and help a book reader with a love for a series.    

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hey everyone! you might have noticed a few confessions appeared today, and I’m trying and hoping (FINGERS CROSSED) that I don’t get so busy that I can’t do confessions regularly again. Got some queued up for this week, but feel free to submit more confessions :3

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